Faulty Apprentice Fantasy Visual Novel Crack FULL PC Game 2021

Faulty Apprentice Fantasy Visual Novel Crack FULL PC Game 2021

Faulty Apprentice Fantasy Visual Novel Crack FULL PC Game 2021

Faulty Apprentice Crack’s novel in a medieval realm of fantasy with intimate interactions, minigames, and a haunting combination of exciting suspense and humor. Get to work to save from an evil warrior a chateau full of virtuous girls and his army of wicked goblins! You must get ready to fight! It would be epic now to wage battle, slaughter evil monsters, save princesses, and pick fights, but you were a nice farmer with nothing but a cryptic wizard’s Faulty Apprentice for pc, recommendation. To download and install this game for free, first press the button below. If you have any concerns, please contact us to solve your dilemma.

Faulty Apprentice Codex with elements of role-playing and mini-playing. Play with nature, mini-games, a fascinating blend of light-hearted humor with exciting playing in a medieval fantasy setting. Play as an average farmer who has abandoned the house in search of a large internship. You had a couple of employers, you had far more than you could count. Why do they even shoot you? There’s nowhere else if you can’t find an internship in the Faulty Apprentice for windows castle! Is a lost life a higher aim for the student? Or would it collapse, as always, in glorious splendor? Maybe you can turn this faulty apprentice into a real hero with your help and some new mates.

Faulty Apprentice Free Download

Is a video novel immersive in a medieval world of fantasy with identity connections and a convincing blend of play and suspense?? Get to work to save from a wicked sorcerer a castle full of virtuous girls and its armies of horrible goblins! You must get ready to fight! But you are all skin, careful farmers, with nothing but a suggestion of a rash wizard! It’s epic now to wage war, destroy bad monsters, bail princesses, and pick stuff up otherwise! Romantic characters! Romantic Faulty Apprentice Patch, characters! Each classroom has its own style and mini-games. You will decide your place in the finals according to who you spend time studying or work.

Faulty Apprentice Game a fancy graphic novel that involves tasks and mini-games. In the game, some roads lead to nice, and some lead to bad. Want the empire to be saved? Or you want to kill them? You, the unsuccessful apprentice, decide the future of Stars Enter Castle. This game has original models in Eastern and Western arts, free navigation, and dynamics! Faulty Apprentice is a visual novel in a medieval fantasy setting with interactions with characters, mini-games, and an attractive blend of lighthearted humor and excitement. Every day, you can pick a range of things to know your Faulty Apprentice reloaded time. Trained, completed work, discovered stars coming to the castle, or established connections. Each one features a spell back with several styles of play.

Requirements for the system:


  • Windows 7 or higher operating system
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo Cpu
  • Speech: RAM 4 GB
  • DirectX compliant card Graphics card
  • DirectX: release 9.0
  • Free space storage: 4 GB


  Faulty Apprentice Fantasy Visual Novel Crack FULL PC Game 2021

How To Game Install?

  • Click on the tab “Install”
  • Check the route you are trying to install and, if elsewhere, substitute it with the already loaded game.
  • Enable the setup (rest assured, the launcher will detect your downloaded game files and not download them).
  • If you finish the session, then use the button “Play” now and you can resume the game.

Other Key Features:


  • Ten actors are romantic! Each teacher has their own mini-games and bagpipes.
  • They decide the role of the final fight, based on who you spend time with or whom you work with.

GOOD versus Bad

  • Wanna inspire someone to do better or to tempt evil?
  • The decisions you make affect not only your destiny but also the destiny of your people.


  • Work and training are split into 3 categories: archery, sword combat, and sorcery, each of which has distinct gameplay!


  • Unlock the key pictures of the story! Enjoy lovely character ghosts and lively background.
  • Please take a look in the gallery mode through the game!


  • More than 30 characters to encounter, 10 characters to be unlocked so far, and more than 15!


  • The game line is described every day by the Fouty Apprentice.
  • Every day you know your time by selecting a selection of events.
  • Training, work completion, star discovery To enter a castle or to create links.
  • Every action has its own complicated mechanics with a variety of gameplay!


  • Some paths lead to good, and others lead to bad.

Want the Empire to save?

  • Or are you bringing destruction?
  • Highlights You, the malfunctioning apprentice, is determining the destiny of Reach Castle.

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