Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition v1.7-I_KnoW PC GAMES

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition v1.7-I_KnoW PC GAMES

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition v1.7-I_KnoW PC GAMES


Fallout 3 Crack is one of the best games in the series of Revelations in the alternative future world after the nuclear apocalypse. This time, you will find an even more open and broader world, new adventures, and a sea of events whose memories remain long in your memory. The plot shows that the game is set after the last game events. Now you must go from where you must play the role of a young child to an unexplored new world. After the mysterious disappearance of his father, the man was captured and now had to flee the vault, but he is far away, no matter how awful the outside world looks. Experience the most awarded game ever with Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition. Create a personality of your choice and go down into the Fallout 3 patch, an amazing postapocalyptic world, where every minute is a survival battle. Misrepresentation 3:

Fallout 3 PC The vast expanse of cities, settlements, and deserts, where only rumors that bandits and looters living near gas stations have been abandoned many years ago, is an old and squandered city, where you have a history, and where you will have a sea of NPCs with different tasks – it all awaits you. But you must first be comfortable, which isn’t so easy. Go into the vast desert and try in Fallout 3 to survive. You will have to master many new skills, learn to shoot firearms and master new weapons from improvised objects, and complete a couple of hundred tasks with various characters. Gain their confidence and solve the mystery of the disappearance of the father’s protagonist. By the way, the base Fallout 3 CD key, of this game, unlike the previous section, is already a more advanced motor with a truly beautiful world created by the developers. Environments and structures in great detail, lovely animations,

Fallout 3 Download the jewel of waste Vault 101. Vault 101 has served the surviving Washington DC residents and the surrounding area, now known as Capital Wasteland, faithfully for 200 years. While Fallout 3 for pc, the US was completely devastated by the global nuclear war of 2077, Vault 101 residents enjoy life without constant external stress. But a fateful morning you wake up to the fact that your dad mocked the caterer and left the comfort and security which Vault 101 offers for unknown reasons, plus the only home you ever knew that has safely taken you away from your place in the harsh wild. Sun to look for the truth to your father. Characteristic faces and the apocalyptic world allow you to exploit Fallout 3 for windows and maximize the local atmosphere. The Year Game includes all five Fallout 3 expansion packages:


Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition v1.7-I_KnoW PC GAMES 

System requirements


  • Windows XP / Vista Operating System:
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or processor equivalent
  • Remembrance: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista)
  • Disk area: 7 GB
  • Video: Direct X 9.0c 256MB RAM (NVIDIA 6800 or better or better / ATI X850) video card.
  • Tone: DirectX®: 9.0cc
  • Administrative Support: Administrator Xbox 360.


  • Windows XP / Vista Operating System:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM
  • CD space: 7 GB
  • Video: Direct X 9.0c 512MB RAM Graphics Card (NVIDIA 8800 Series, ATI 3800 Series)
  • Hi: DirectX®: 9.0c.
  • Administrative support: Administrator Xbox 360.

How do I install it?

  • Our first task is to download the game installation files.
  • Extract your hard drive from the archive.
  • Mount or burn in a disc emulator the ISO image (UltraISO program).
  • After the ISO has been confirmed, go to the directory and start the file «setup.exe».
  • We specify the location on the drive where we want to install it during installation.
  • At the end of the extraction process, a shortcut will appear on the desktop.
  • Start the game! Start the game!

The main features

  • Unlimited freedom – enjoy the amazing Capital Wasteland sights and sounds!
    Look at America’s great monuments in post-apocalyptic ruin!
    You choose to define yourself and to change the world.
    Just look at your Rad Meter! Just look!
  • The guides of Vault-Tec did it again! No longer experience only one view, but experience the world from the perspective of the first or third person. Adjust your view by pressing a button!
  • The Choice Power – Do you today feel like a disgraceful villain or a good Samaritan?
    Choose a side or follow the line, as every situation can be dealt with in many ways.
    Talk in a civilized way about your concerns or just flash your plasma gun.
  • Even the chance to fight your Pip-Boy model 3000 with the Vault-Tec helped to target the system! V.A.T.S. allows you to pause in the fight, aim at specific body parts, queue attacks, and remove your aggression for Vault-Tec.
    In an all-new movie show, let death and destruction rain.
    Artificial Intelligence Amazing –
    At Vault-Tec, we realize that after the global nuclear war people are key to reviving civilization.
    Our best minds have joined forces to produce an advanced version of Radiant AI, the first choice for America in simulating human interaction.
  • From the arid wild to the dangerous offices and underground tunnels of the DC to the cruel rotten character of the face of a mutant.

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