Jet Kave Adventure Crack CODEX Torrent Free Download PC Game

Jet Kave Adventure Crack CODEX Torrent Free Download PC Game

Jet Kave Adventure Crack CODEX Torrent Free Download PC Game

Jet Kave Adventure Crack is a highly misleading and enjoyable forum for adventure history. Relax and enter the action depending on your skill! Your name is Cave, and up until now, you were your tribe’s leader. If your own people forbid you, you’re going to get a jetpack out! This gadget makes you the only caveman to have a chance against the alien invader a man from the sky who is very unpleasant who can quickly launch a catastrophic volcanic Jet Kave Adventure for pc, explosion so that he can repair his spacecraft. Start your search for the whole island and show the tribe your value! Master the jet platform: your sloppy cave motions are not going to be fast, but they are doing their best!

Jet Kave Adventure Codex In the prehistoric world of this adventure platform. Discover difficult boss fights, travel through gaps, break doors, pick up opponents and exploit items once and for all when you avoid the alien invasion. Your name is Cave, and until now, you’re the leader of your tribe. Go for a jetpack if you are prohibited by your own people! The instrument makes you the unique caveman who has a chance of fighting the alien assailant, a very disgusting aerial man who can start a disastrous volcanic explosion quickly to repair his spacecraft. This is hard but reasonable. It’s hard. Compete in Jet Kave Adventure for windows challenges on time, collect and no damages, compete in the online leaderboard against other competitors to obtain the highest possible outcome.

Jet Kave Adventure Free Download

Fly on 36 vibrant levels: wander through unbelievable, dangerous, lateral environments. Defeat and derail 30 enemy types: Fight with your trusting leg club several prehistoric animals and superiors. Fly over Jet Kave Adventure Patch, wells, breakthrough steeped walls, and defeat your ever-increasing skills to the most formidable enemies! Experience incredible sequences and boss battles. ARCADE MODE Challenge Yourself: Try the exciting Arcade experience, where you have a finite amount of lives, and it is no longer an improvement to your wellbeing to hit your Jet Kave Adventure reloaded checkpoint. Furthermore, extra lives can be purchased between levels only, and this is a nice game if you lose them all.

System Requirements:


  • SVE: i3-6006U Intel Core
  • BOTH: 4 GB
  • Windows 7/8.1/10 operating system
  • Intel HD Graphics 520 Graphics card:
  • Room for the free disk: 3.3 GB


  • SVE: i5-10400F Intel Core
  • RAM: 12 GB Ram
  • System Operating: 7/8.1/10 Windows
  • GeForce GT 1030 2GB Graphics:
  • Space for free disc: 3.3 GB


  Jet Kave Adventure Crack CODEX Torrent Free Download PC Game

How To Game Install?

  • Delete the Winrar disc. (Winrar download)
  • O Double click “Setup” and load folder “Jet Kave Adventure.”
  • When the installation is completed, go to the folder where the game is removed.
  • Open the “CODEX” archive, copy and paste all files where you have been downloading the game.
  • Click on the icon for the game double-click. Farewell!

Other Key Features:

A platform for Master Flight

  • With timid cave motions, it’s not easy, but do what you can.

36 colorful degrees Jetpack

  • Cross unbelievable sideways with dangers and secrets.

Rescue 30 various enemy forms

  • Fight with your trustworthy bone club a vast assortment of extinct animals and bosses.
  • Experience quickly-running flights and boss battles.
  • Use your skills to pass through the traps by breaking bricks and defeating the most horrific enemies.

Arcade Fashion Challenge

  • Experience a thrilling arcade in which life is confined and wellbeing when you pass a control point is no longer complementary.
  • You can also only buy additional life from stage to level to destroy all lives and finish the game. It’s rough but decent.

Attain the top of the table

  • Take part in time-limited, collectible, damage-free competitions and race to the highest online leading board ranking.

Find and customize pickups and devices

  • Go back to when your only currency was shelled and gather much to enhance your power.

Enjoy Stone-unique Fiction’s setting

  • The destiny of the island now rests on you whether it’s obvious or not.
  • So ride your jet drive to the start of your trip into a world of science fiction in the Stone Age.

Different accomplishments set

  • Some may look stupid, but everybody’s great!

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